SheQuantum Newsletter December 2022

“SheQuantum – A leading not-for-profit eLearning firm providing simplified quantum computing education for the global masses & enabling a talented woman workforce for the field of quantum technologies”

“SheQuantum – A not-for-profit Quantum Computing EdTech platform with registered users from 36 Countries, 259 Institutions & 56% Women users and we are scaling up in 2022!”

December 2022 – Welcome to the exclusive edition of SheQuantum News Letter. This Newsletter contains latest quantum computing – industry updates, news, press releases, events and conferences in addition to Articles, Interviews and contents related to quantum computing education by SheQuantum with industry experts and academia. Happy reading and stay updated with Quantum Computing happenings globally.

CEO and Founder’s message

“As we celebrate 2 years of SheQuantum’s formal launch, I’m elated to see the only evergrowing support for us that transcends boundaries of countries, ages, and gender. I wish all SheQuantummers a very Happy New Year!”

Nithyasri Srivathsan, Founder & CEO, SheQuantum

SheQuantum’s ArtiQle initiative

SheQuantum is excited to launch our ArtiQle initiative that brings you a goldmine of technical articles about quantum research and trends from our quantum experts from the industry and academia across the globe. More

A fun web comic series on Quantum Technology Concepts

SheQuantum takes great pleasure in publishing the quantum computing courses designed by Prof. Todd Kelsey PhD, Professor and Applied AI & Quantum Researcher, Benedictine University, as a fun web comic series on quantum technology concepts. More

“Ready your quantum workforce” article by Ernst & Young, UK

Our Founder & CEO, Nithyasri Srivathsan was pleased to be a co-contributor in EY’s article titled “Ready your quantum workforce”. Congratulations to EY, United Kingdom for this wonderful publication. More

ArtiQle on Quantum technology for educational purposes: A must or nice to have? | Esther Ras, Dean Faculty of Technology, AUAS | Education Advisor, Quantum Technologies, SheQuantum

The scientific field in which so much is still to be discovered. The scientific field in which we are still able to switch from perspective is: the field of Quantum technology. And that is exactly the reason that all our educational and research programmes need to be filled with a module, track, or challenge on Quantum tech. More

ArtiQle on Quantum Computing for Heterogeneous Catalysis | Seenivasan Hariharan, Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Amsterdam | Quantum Chemistry with Quantum Computers

Quantum computing, a new technology, is causing a storm in the well-established computing industry. Quantum computing is considered a disruptive technology that comes with an advantage over classical/traditional computing in ‘certain’ areas that can be directly relevant to society. More

Prof Peter McMahon wins the Cornell University Engineering’s 2022 Research Awards

Hearty congratulations to our very own Advisory Council Member, Prof Peter McMahon on winning the Cornell University Engineering’s 2022 Research Awards, from team SheQuantum! More

Prof. Dr. Helena Liebelt has been established German “Professor of the year” in Informatics and Engineering

Congratulations to our Advisory Board Memeber, Prof. Dr. Helena Liebelt for this much deserved recognition. You keep inspiring women across the globe to pursue quantum research. More

SheQuantum’s geographical presence increasing manifold globally!

SheQuantum‘s geographical presence and its registered users increased significantly, now covering 65 countries, 289 institutions, 32 companies and research labs with 54.39% of women registered users globally – Audited analytics from WordPress (as on September 2022). More

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Disclaimer: All content are from the respective organisations web page and provided as it is without any changes or modifications. The “Read More” direct the readers to the respective company’s websites.  If you want your company related to quantum computing news, press releases and about events, conferences & webinars to be published here in our news letter, please contact us.

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