SheQuantum is a global quantum computing eLearning platform with the objective of revolutionizing simplified quantum computing education and enabling more women into the field of quantum computing. Conceptualized in 2018, Established in Sep 2021.

SheQuantum facilitates quantum learning through exclusive free and ultimately premium courses, lecture series, talks, summer schools and webinars in collaboration with global, eminent quantum experts, universities and quantum businesses and thus inspires, educates and creates a talented quantum workforce.

In the founder, Nithyasri’s words – “Two things meaningfully matter to me in diverse ways – Quantum Computing and Women & I’m immensely happy to be crucially instrumental in inspiring more women, globally to pursue quantum computing as well as providing them with the education that’ll enable them to contribute back to the field.”

Planned for the near future, the online coursework shall let worthy women candidates avail scholarships and grants for pursuing our premium courses taught by leading, potential partner companies and experts from academia.  

SheQuantum thus, bridges the gap between the industry, academia, and students with preferential goals towards addressing the gap between women and quantum technology by equipping them with required skills to enable them to contribute to the field.

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