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Quantum Computing  “Under 10 Minutes” with Nithyasri Srivathsan, a SheQuantum Exclusive Lecture Series

Quantum Computing with Nithyasri Srivathsan – A Talk Series


CERN Introductory Quantum Computing Lecture Series by Professor Elias Fernandez

SheQuantum takes great pleasure in announcing another addition to its eLearning section, today. Yes, we are featuring the online introductory lectures on quantum computing by CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, given by Professor Elias Fernandez, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science at the University of Oviedo in Spain and as well a Cooperation Associate at CERN.

Our sincere thanks to CERN and specifically to Prof. Elias. When we approached him telling that SheQuantum would like to feature his simple to understand quantum computing lecture series on our platform, so as to reach more women globally, he not only agreed but also said that it would be a pleasure and an honor”. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Prof. Elias and CERN and definitely the pleasure and honor is all ours.

This course introduces basic concepts of the quantum circuit model (qubits, gates and measures) and important quantum algorithms and protocols that can be implemented with a few qubits (BB84, quantum teleportation, superdense coding, etc.), as well as those that require multi-qubit systems (Deutsch-Jozsa, Grover, Shor, etc.).

Beyond the theoretical aspects of quantum computing, the course covers the implementation of algorithms in quantum simulators (such as the IBM Quantum Experience and D-Wave Leap). No previous knowledge of quantum physics is required but only a good command over basic linear algebra is necessary. Some familiarity with the Python programming language would be helpful, but is also not required.

I am sure this lecture series will be of great help to high school girls and undergrads to learn quantum in a simpler way.

I also take this opportunity to thank Professor Hadiseh Alaeian, Purdue University, for the mentioning to me about this lecture series. She is one of the very impressive quantum women leaders and her research focuses on hybrid, scalable, and integrated photonic quantum technologies. In particular, in theoretical and experimental investigations of interacting and correlated open quantum optical systems at Purdue. She has also given encouraging and valuable comments on my book on quantum computing and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you ,Professor Hadiseh.

Yes, let’s jump right in to the “simple to understand, yet very powerful lecture series” by Prof. Elias. Happy watching. Do send your comments, mainly share it with high school girls and undergrads. Let’s inspire and educate.

Watch this space to learn quantum computing from the industry leaders and academic experts in the simplest way possible.

Nithyasri Srivathsan

CEO & Founder, SheQuantum


Lecture 1 by Professor Elias, UOviedo @ CERN, A Practical Introduction to QC


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