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8 Sep With a new take on AMA, SheQ’s first publication will be a video of the Founder answering your questions on SheQ; ask about the idea, our objective, or simply what, why and how questions! Let’s build the quantum community together! Do send in your questions to contactsheq@gmail.com now!

We got featured on The Quantum Daily!

The Quantum Daily30 Sept 2020

SheQuantum Exclusive: Interview with Dr Elica Kyoseva

Dr Elica is a scientific advisor @ European Commission, Brussels and is in a lead position in Quantum Computing Applications at Boehringer Ingelheim, a big pharma working on quantum computing for drug discovery. Her answers in our interview and Dr Elica herself, are sure to inspire women in Q.

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Promo Release10 Sep

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We’re partnering with Quantum World Association!

SheQuantum is extremely happy in announcing our partnership with Quantum World Association! We are sure we’d be able to reach and inspire women in quantum, globally, together!

Ask SheQ Anything Full Video

Founder & CEO, Nithyasri Srivathsan, answering questions from Professors, Industry Experts, Researchers & Students. 24 Sep

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Check out “SheQuantum’s Exclusive Interview with Sergio Gago, Managing Partner, Quantum World Association

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“Classiq Technologies” supports “SheQuantum”

Here is what Nir Minerbi, CEO and Co-Founder of Classiq Technologies, an Israel based start-up enabling the development of Quantum Algorithms, has to say about us, SheQuantum. Looking forward to collaborating with Classiq Technologies!

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