Pandemic didn’t disrupt the initiatives, innovations and ideas of a young aspiring quantum computing scientist

CEO & Founder,
Nithyasri Srivathsan

It’s with great pleasure that I’m writing this post as the Founder of SheQuantum. 2020, amidst the pandemic was a very eventful year for me as well as SheQuantum.

SheQuantum was at its infancy when I founded, this eLearning platform 4 months back, although I conceptualized it a couple of years back. But here, I am today, sharing with you SheQuantum’s key milestones, this year. A big thanks to the Quantum Industry and Academia for all the support and encouragement you’ve provided for SheQuantum.

I couldn’t be happier, sharing with you some key achievements in 2020:

  • My brain-child SheQuantum was launched
  • Media Coverage, specifically, on The Quantum Daily, appreciating the idea of SheQuantum and Founder, Nithyasri Srivathsan
  • SheQuantum partnered with Quantum World Association
  • Inspiring interviews of Quantum Leaders like Elica Kyoseva, Sergi Gago, Prof. Shannon Whitlock published which received a great response from the Quantum Professional Community, globally; more interviews on the way!
  • Classiq Technologies, Israel registered its support for SheQuantum
  • SheQuantum had the pleasure of promoting PhD positions for MOQS, Europe and professorships for Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany – many talented women benefitted through this initiative
  • As a part of our eLearning section, “Quantum Computing with Nithyasri”, a quantum educational talk series was launched
  • Proud moment featuring the quantum introductory lecture series by Professor Elias Fernandez, CERN
  • Extremely encouraging to see appreciation for SheQuantum from Quantum Academia – Harvard, MIT Quantum, UMassachusetts, UCLA, UC Riverside, Purdue, LSU, and UBC
  • Many Quantum start-ups and universities keen on collaborating/partnering with SheQuantum in order to create educational content
  • Very interestingly, some VCs are connecting with us

SheQuantum features as “One of the 9 educational platforms to get the Quantum Workforce Up & Running” among IBM, Microsoft, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

SheQuantum is pleased to be in connect and discussing with National Science Foundation – USA, Quantum London, Quantum Thought – California, Strangeworks – Texas, AMPEL – University of British Columbia, Professor Mark Wilde – LSU, SeeQC – New York and many others on reaching quantum computing education to more women and girls.

SheQuantum is taking up some very interesting projects in 2021! Keep seeing this space for exciting quantum updates, about our projects, interviews with experts and quantum educational talks & lecture series.

I’m also extremely pleased to announce that SheQuantum’s proactive legal counsel team is working on registering SheQuantum as a firm.

I’m sure that my vision of transforming SheQuantum into a full-fledged eDTech company exclusive for Quantum Computing education will see success in 2021 and beyond. SheQuantum looks forward to your continued support on this and in reaching Quantum to more women, internationally.

In the new normal, virtual learning is inevitable – the way to go and SheQuantum will have its special place in the eLearning space because of our uniqueness in quantum exclusive education.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and a happy New Year ’21 on behalf of SheQuantum.


Nithyasri Srivathsan

CEO & Founder, SheQuantum

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