COMING SOON: A fun web comic series on Quantum Technology Concepts

SheQuantum takes great pleasure in publishing the quantum computing courses designed by Prof. Todd Kelsey PhD, Professor and Applied AI & Quantum Researcher, Benedictine University, as a fun web comic series on quantum technology concepts.

Here is what he has to share with SheQuantumers – “I grew up seeing my mom fighting the glass ceiling and I wanted to have strong female characters in this web comic, hopefully they will reach some young girls somewhere and help them see how far they can go.” “I believe it is important to find creative ways to explain complex concepts, and I think that the sci-fi/comics genre can be a friendly way to introduce topics like post quantum cryptography. The entire world and all its devices need to be updated to be quantum resistant, and it could be a business and career opportunity” “There are different approaches to learning quantum and I believe one of the best ways is to focus on how algorithms can be used, instead of presenting a wall of physics pre-requisites. I believe this approach could empower people who might otherwise mistakenly assume they are not capable of learning quantum. To me algorithms are key. Best wishes to everyone in their quantum learning journey”

We wish you a fun filled quantum learning experience. Stay tuned!

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