ArtiQle on Quantum technology for educational purposes: A must or nice to have?

Esther Ras, Dean Faculty of Technology, AUAS | Education Advisor, Quantum Technologies, SheQuantum

The scientific field in which so much is still to be discovered. The scientific field in which we are still able to switch from perspective is: the field of Quantum technology. And that is exactly the reason that all our educational and research programmes need to be filled with a module, track, or challenge on Quantum tech.

Quantum Technology is at the base of a great many areas of the world we live, love, learn and work in. It is almost as big and impactful as the languages we speak and written word. Most of the children in primary and secondary school learn the basics of what sciences such as physics mean and implicate for the things that they see around them. What is difficult to understand then, is that there are a lot of physical forces that we cannot see with the naked eye or that we cannot touch with our hands. You cannot grasp or taste gravity but there are gravitational forces.

In the scientific arena there are certainties that we and our children can acknowledge and embrace as a fact. That Watson and Crick cracked the structure of DNA in 1952 and that DNA is the material of which our genes are made of are facts and not very likely to change. Something else that we do not need to reconsider is that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. Newton’s first law is not one to be reconsidered. For children and adults these are things we need to learn and reproduce to understand the world around us from one perspective mainly being Biology or Physics.

Quantum technology is different in the sense that it is still very much an open field. It is one of the few scientific terrains in which a lot of change is still bound to happen for there is yet so much uncertain and therefore to discover. It is the unknown which makes it so interesting for the educational and research field for it is an arena in which we and the potential learners are still able to switch from perspective in. And this is what true learning is all about. Like a language which makes it possible for all of us to connect and therefore discover new worlds.

Quantum technology is going to have a lot of impact on all the things around us. The climate challenge, the logistic challenge, the challenges we have in the need for housing as well as other social, economic, and environmental challenges. Because it is a science in which a lot of things still need to be discovered, it is also an area in which we can still determine and decide on our perspective on this science. And most importantly in this science we are also still able to switch from perspective because of the phase of discovery we are in now…in a decade everything that is uncertain now will be fact.

Quantum Technologies, ‘Uncertainty now will be certainty for our children’.

About Esther Ras: Esther Ras, Dean at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, started as a program manager at the degree programs Forensic Research and Applied Mathematics, both offered at FT at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).  During this time, she also a member of the faculty’s management team, responsible for the Community of Practice portfolio which connects education, research, and practice. Working in a Community of Practice is at the core of the faculty’s vision on education and research. On behalf of the faculty, Ras also participates in the Steering Committee ‘Studying without Obstacles’ and has been a member of the AUAS Education and Research Council. Prior to joining the AUAS, Ras worked as a lecturer, team manager and program manager at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ROC Amsterdam, and In Holland University of Applied Sciences. Esther also plays the role of Education Advisor, Quantum Technologies at SheQuantum.

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