Press Release January 1, 2022: SheQuantum Launches Certificate Courses on Quantum Computing & Information

January 1, 2022 – SheQuantum, the leading quantum computing eLearning platform, is pleased to launch certificates courses in quantum computing and information and more in partnership with leading quantum computing institutions and global universities soon on its upcoming beta EdTech platform in 2022, exclusively for its registered users.

“I am extremely happy to announce the launch of Certificate Courses on Quantum Computing & Information in partnership with quantum computing institutions and leading universities, said Nithyasri Srivathsan, CEO and Founder, SheQuantum.

“I am pleased to share SheQuantum’s tremendous growth over the past year. Our registered users are from 36 Countries, 259 Institutions and 56% are Women. We are scaling up in 2022! and I take this opportunity to wish our registered users and partners a prosperous and Happy New Year from SheQuantum! Learn quantum from SheQuantum” she added.

For more info and user registration REGISTER here.

About SheQuantum: SheQuantum is a leading eLearning firm that provides educational courses specific to quantum computing, information and other quantum sciences, with the main objective of providing simplified quantum computing education for the global masses & enabling a talented woman workforce for the field of quantum technologies.

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