SheQuantum November Newsletter 2020

November 2020 – Welcome to the second edition of SheQuantum News Letter. This News Letter contains latest quantum computing – industry updates, news, press releases, events and conferences. Articles, Interviews by SheQuantum with industry experts and academia will also be featured in the upcoming news letters. Happy reading and stay updated with Quantum Computing happenings globally.

Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI) Co-Director John Doyle awarded APS Broida Prize

John Doyle, Henry B. Silsbee Professor of Physics, is the recipient of the 2021 Herbert P. Broida Prize of the American Physical Society . The prize recognizes Prof. Doyle “For pioneering work in the field of cold molecules, and for wide-ranging studies of these molecular systems, especially laser cooling, high-precision spectroscopy, and searches for permanent electric dipole moments, providing insight into possible new physics.” Read more

UArizona awarded $26M NSF Grant to establish Center for Quantum Networks

NSF Engineering Research Center for Quantum Networks aims to create foundations for the future quantum internet by developing key quantum technologies and new functional building blocks connecting quantum processors over local and global scales. The center involves partner universities: University of Arizona (lead), Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University, among others. Read more

The Week in Quantum Computing. Brought to you by Sergio Gago and The Quantum World Association

Read Here, The Week in Quantum Computing

Israeli Startup – Classiq – has raised $4M Directed at Building the Next Layer of the Quantum Software stack Read More

Quantum Computing May Be Closer Than You Think

Five new quantum information science centers will marry the R&D strengths of academia, industry and U.S. national laboratories Read more

UC Berkeley to lead $25 million quantum computing center

As part of the federal government’s effort to speed the development of quantum computers, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the University of California, Berkeley, $25 million over five years to establish a multi-university institute focused on advancing quantum science and engineering and training a future workforce to build and use quantum computers. Read more

Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor

Physicists have been talking about the power of quantum computing for over 30 years, but the questions have always been: will it ever do something useful and is it worth investing in? For such large-scale endeavors it is good engineering practice to formulate decisive short-term goals that demonstrate whether the designs are going in the right direction. Read more

New study outlines steps higher education should take to prepare a new quantum workforce

A new study outlines ways colleges and universities can update their curricula to prepare the workforce for a new wave of quantum technology jobs. Researchers suggested steps that need to be taken after interviewing managers at more than 20 quantum technology companies across the U.S. Read more

Microsoft to train 900 teachers to help develop quantum computing workforce in India

The quantum training program, through the E&ICT Academies, supports an initiative by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) to enhance the skills of the academicians in imparting next level technological skills for future generations. Read more

MIT researchers lead high school educational initiative on quantum computing

“Qubit by Qubit” introduces high school students to quantum computing through a week-long summer camp and a year-long course. Read more

Quantum Computing breakthrough could help bring technology into the real world, Researchers say

Scientists have hailed a new quantum computing breakthrough that could bring the revolutionary technology into the real world. The discovery could fundamentally change how quantum computers are able to measure energy quanta, which allow the entirely new kind of computers to work. Read more

Scientists uncover secrets to designing brain-like devices

Even with decades of unprecedented development in computational power, the human brain still holds many advantages over modern computing technologies. Our brains are extremely efficient for many cognitive tasks and do not separate memory and computing, unlike standard computer chips. Read more

Quantum computer race intensifies as alternative technology gains steam

Trapped-ion systems are gaining momentum in the quest to make a commercial quantum computer. Read more

Prospects and Challenges of Quantum Finance

New breakthroughs in Monte Carlo Simulation: How to get the maximum MC speedups out of noisy quantum hardware. What hardware will we need for MC to be useful in practice? Read more

Open PhD positions @ MOQS

The European Training Network, Molecular Quantum Simulations (ETN MOQS), is expanding their women PhDs positions. The MOQs programme has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant. SheQuantum is happy to announce that they have 15 open PhD positions in the emerging field of Quantum simulations of molecular structure and dynamics, at the crossroad of chemistry, solid-state and quantum optical physics, computer science, quantum information and quantum control. For more info @ Click here

Disclaimer: All content was extracted from the respective organizations’ websites and are provided without any modifications. Companies may contact to get their press releases/ events / news published on SheQuantum.

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