Press Release February 17, 2022: SheQuantum announces $19.90 worth certificate courses on quantum technologies for FREE for its global registered users

SheQuantum announces $19.90 worth certificate courses on quantum technologies for FREE for its global registered users

February 17, 2022 – SheQuantum, the leading quantum computing eLearning platform, today announced $19.90 worth certificate courses on quantum technologies for FREE for its global registered users. Successful candidates who complete the test receive SheQuantum’s e-Certificate(s) for FREE on the industry & academia, acknowledged quantum computing courses by quantum experts.

 “The wait is over! SheQuantum has launched its plans for Certificate Courses on Quantum Computing & Information in partnership with quantum computing institutions, leading universities and quantum experts early this year and we are pleased to announce $19.90 worth certificate courses on quantum technologies are offered “At No Cost” for our registered users., said Nithyasri Srivathsan, CEO and Founder, SheQuantum. Our registered users are our strength, this is a simple gesture from us to them and I urge our registered users to make use of this opportunity and gain an edge over others in this competitive world, even more so, in the quantum technologies field, she added.”

“The procedure is as simple as one could imagine. If you are a registered user of SheQuantum, take the course(s) which have the mention of “Certificate Course” in it. Take the course at your convenience (Not time bound), attend the test(s) related to that course (Quiz / Test link will be sent to the registered users over email), submit your results! It is as simple as that. Experts on the subject of your course will evaluate your answers and if your score is over 50%, you will receive an e-Certificate from SheQuantum with your name. The certificate from SheQuantum on quantum technology courses are valued by the industry and academia globally and will be an asset for you to get to the next levels, in terms of internships, higher education, research and job opportunities. You can showcase them on your LinkedIn profile, add them to your resume, and share them with your network. You can also share them with a current employer to demonstrate your new skills, and your ability to apply those skills on the job, said Jayashree Santhanam, Chief Operating Office and Head, Global Academic Relations.”

Dive into an exciting introduction to Quantum Computing Architectures, Programming Languages, Simulation Platforms, Embedded Systems, HPC and Big Data heterogeneous multicore platforms, development tools and much more. Keep watching for more free certificate courses in quantum computing delivered by global quantum experts.

About SheQuantum: SheQuantum is a leading eLearning firm that provides educational courses specific to quantum computing, information and other quantum sciences, with the main objective of providing simplified quantum computing education for the global masses & enabling a talented woman workforce for the field of quantum technologies.

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