SheQuantum Newsletter March 2021

An eLearning platform with the objective of connecting women to Quantum

March 2021 – Welcome to the exclusive edition of SheQuantum News Letter. This Newsletter contains the latest quantum computing – industry updates, news, press releases, events and conferences in addition to Articles, Interviews by SheQuantum with industry experts and academia. Happy reading and stay updated with Quantum Computing happenings globally.

Partnership between Finland and India in Quantum Computing

SheQuantum welcomes the joint statement from the virtual summit between the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin to deepen partnership between Finland and India in Quantum Computing. More

Special SheQuantum milestone announcement

It’s the people who support us from the very beginning, who make the greatest positive impact in our growth. Thank you for your constant support for SheQuantum, Professor Mark Wilde, Physics & Astronomy @ LSU. More

E-Summit’21 on quantum computing by Indian Institute of Information Technology

IIITA Info Communication and Incubation Center aka IIIC, is organising its Annual Flagship event E-Summit, a 3-day Techno-Business extravaganza from 25th to 27th March 2021. Panel Discussion, keynote talks and workshops on quantum computing are happening on 26th March 2021. Nithyasri Srivathsan, CEO & Founder @ SheQuantum | Dr Manas Mukherjee, Principal Investigator, Dept. of Physics @ CQT, NUS | Shesha S Raghunathan, Quantum Computing Expert @ IBM | Dr Shyan Srinivasa Garani, Professor @ IISc, | Dr Zamyla Chan, Asso. Director, UofT & Lead @ Harvard University are delivering keynote speeches and participating in panel discussions. More

Women’s Day Week Special

International Women’s Day 2021

SheQuantum’s International Women’s Day 2021 | Message from our Experts More

New Platform’s Mission To Accelerate Quantum Computing Education

qBraid Research is built and optimized for working seamlessly with all major quantum computing frameworks and hardware providers, taking care of the software, so researchers and developers can write and deploy their quantum algorithms on any hardware they like, and never worry about environments or compatibility. More

Connecting Quantum Computing & Women

Article by Dr Helena Liebelt, Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), Germany More

SheQuantum Workshop on Python SDPs for QIS, Dr Vincent, ISARA Corporation, Canada

SheQuantum presents to you a workshop on implementation of Python SDPs for Quantum Information Science by Dr Vincent Russo, ISARA Corporation, Canada, followed by an interesting Q & A session. Enjoy learning one of the very useful tools for QIS. Watch

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Disclaimer: All content are from the respective organisations web page and provided as it is without any changes or modifications. The “Read More” direct the readers to the respective company’s websites.  If you want your company related to quantum computing news, press releases and about events, conferences & webinars to be published here in our news letter, please contact us.

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