“Ask SheQ Anything”: Written Episode

‘Ask SheQ Anything” – Questions from Vaishnavi Nagapandian, Corporate Strategy, Market Research, International Student Recruitment, Singapore

Question from Vaishnavi: What class of students can opt courses at SheQuantum?

Answer from Nithyasri Srivathsan: I feel that there is no age restriction when it comes to learning Quantum Computing @SheQuantum, but to be specific high school students to undergrads to grads to working professionals. SheQuantum will enable anyone who has a genuine interest to learn Quantum Computing. I believe that anything has to be learnt and taught from the very basics and that’s exactly why I was triggered to write a book titled – “Quantum Computing An [Unconventional Beginners’] Book”,
that approaches QC in the simplest way possible. So, yes, our courses will be open to everyone!  

Question from Vaishnavi: What are the core values of your company?

Answer from Nithyasri Srivathsan: Ah, this is a very important question! I strongly believe that the core values of SheQuantum as a company definitely are – Commitment to growing the women community in Quantum Computing, Quality: what we do, we do best, and building a Global “classroom” exclusive for Quantum.

Question from Vaishnavi: What’s the inspiration to the start this company? How did you translate your idea into reality?

Answer from Nithyasri Srivathsan: (With a huge smile on my face) , when I started to explore Quantum Computing, I had a lot of difficulty, initially, to choose the right resources to start off with. The thing about Quantum educational resources is that there are way too many of them and to find a way to navigate, pick & choose the right ones for you in the best order of learning that is possible, is difficult. So, the inspiration behind SheQuantum is to save other young girls this time sucking (but worth it) exercise and help them become “Quantum Ready” in the easiest way possible. I think that in order to do so, first SheQuantum has to attract women to Quantum Computing, of course by publishing interviews of experts involved in this field.

This was a thought that kept persisting in my mind for a long time and on Sept 1, 3:00 am, SheQuantum was born. 🙂

Question from Vaishnavi: What is your piece of advice for aspiring techpreneurs like you?

Answer from Nithyasri Srivathsan:

I would definitely advise that if they do have an idea that they think is great and that they are passionate about, just go for it! Everything starts with you deciding to start!  

Nithyasri Srivathsan

Founder & CEO, SheQuantum

I’m receiving many more questions from various countries! I’ll try to answer all of them here. Make sure you follow SheQuantum on Twitter and YouTube to get updates!

About Vaishnavi: Vaishnavi is the Country Manager and Senior Programme Consultant at PSB Academy, Singapore handling International Student Recruitment for South Asia. 

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