Prof. Dr Christopher Fuchs on SheQuantum’s Potential

It is great to hear that SheQuantum will soon be celebrating its one-year milestone.  When I learned of this, I had just been reading the news about the quantum-computing startup PsiQuantum receiving $450 million US dollars in Series D funding and currently having a Wall Street valuation of $3.15 billion!  I found it absolutely amazing that a company founded by two guys I used to drink beer with could go so far!  In one of the news stories, I found this quote by co-founder Jeremy O’Brien inspirational:  “We uniquely have a path to the most profoundly world-changing technology that humans have uncovered to date.  We are categorically not building an incrementally better chip [to be] delivered nine months later, this is the foundation of a future economy and a transformation in how humans go about doing things.  It’s not unprecedented but it is akin to major revolutions in the past.” 

But what does this have to do with SheQuantum?  Well, here’s another quote in another news story, this time by co-founder Terry Rudolph: “The big breakthrough came when we realised we could make the machine in silicon.  It was the PhD thesis of Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia from the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Controlled Quantum Dynamics.  Her PhD suggested we can build this thing if we get it into a silicon foundry.”  A $3.15B valuation based on the work of a woman?  That’s SheQuantum.  “We can build this thing,” Dr. Rudolph said.  It caused me to think of the old wartime poster “We Can Do It!” of Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It!, which all the members of SheQuantum should see. 

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