Nithyasri Srivathsan

Founder & CEO

Nithyasri is an (aspiring) quantum computing scientist and the author of the bestseller, “Quantum Computing An [Unconventional Beginners’] Book”, for which she received “1 of the 7 Best Quantum Computing eBooks for Beginners International Award 2020” from BookAuthority. Her research interests lie in Quantum Computing, Programming Languages, Quantum and Classical Algorithms, Computer Science, Physics, and Applied Mathematics. Her ambition in life is to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of Quantum and with her deep passion for teaching, Nithyasri is keen on joining the Computer Science and Quantum Computing academia. She has strong beliefs pertaining to science and technology and as a firm advocate of the interdisciplinary nature of sciences, she is drawn towards all things lying at the intersection of computer science and physics. She has a vision to inspire more women to pursue Quantum Computing and is now pioneering the field of simplified Quantum Computing Education with a specific focus on creating a talented women workforce in Quantum, through her eDTech, SheQuantum.

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