Press Release August 15, 2022: SheQuantum turns a not-for-profit Quantum Technologies EdTech 

SheQuantum turns a not-for-profit Quantum Technologies EdTech Start-up 

August 15, 2022 – SheQuantum, the leading quantum computing eLearning platform, on this important day announcing this exciting news about the radical transformation SheQuantum is making to make Quantum Education truly accessible to all.

According to Nithyasri Srivathsan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SheQuantum, Quantum Computing is the Future and Quantum Education is the Present and thus, today, SheQuantum turns a not-for-profit Quantum EdTech Start-up, a first-of-its-kind. This important decision has been taken after deliberation of the executive board and after deep discussions with investors, higher education experts, suggestions from some of our senior Advisory Board Members, Advisory Council Members and our valued registered users across the globe.

Quantum Education must be accessible, and SheQuantum, with this major step, is showing our commitment towards making quantum education truly accessible for the global masses and to the people of the world from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds who are enthused about quantum. This important step assures that anyone can learn quantum technologies from anywhere, at absolutely no cost, Nithyasri added.

After more than a couple of years of success of SheQuantum, and with our experience having deep conversations with many experts in the field of quantum technologies and higher education, we strongly believe that this decision would unlock the full potential of SheQuantum to provide simplified quantum education as well as effectively improve women representation in quantum – thus, solving the two major hiccups in this field, said Jayashree Santhanam, COO & Global Head, Academic Relations.

Sri Veeraraghavan, Head, Strategies & International Relations said, we take this opportunity to sincerely thank our Executive Board, our Advisory Board and Council Members for their support and positive influence as we start this exciting new journey with a not-for-profit business model and the ambition of making quantum education accessible to all, especially women.

About SheQuantum: SheQuantum is a leading not-for-profit eLearning firm that provides educational courses specific to quantum computing, information and other quantum sciences, with the main objective of providing simplified quantum computing education for the global masses & enabling a talented woman workforce for the field of quantum technologies.

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