Announcing our new Education Advisor, Quantum Technologies, Esther Ras, Dean @ AUAS, Netherlands

SheQuantum takes immense pleasure in welcoming Esther Ras, Dean @ Faculty of Technology, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands onboard with us as the Education Advisor, Quantum Technologies.

Esther Ras @ AUAS

Esther Ras, Dean @ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, started as a program manager at the degree programs Forensic Research and Applied Mathematics, both offered at FT at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).  During this time she also a member of the faculty’s management team, responsible for the Community of Practice portfolio which connects education, research and practice. Working in a Community of Practice is at the core of the faculty’s vision on education and research. On behalf of the faculty, Ras also participates in the Steering Committee ‘Studying without Obstacles’ and has been a member of the AUAS Education and Research Council. Prior to joining the AUAS, Ras worked as a lecturer, team manager and program manager at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ROC Amsterdam and Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

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